First things First!

This not my first time in writing a blog. I have a lot but I don’t write to it anymore because maybe I got bored and too lazy to write in there. I know writing and maintaining a blog is difficult for me. I am trying to express myself in the blog coz I am not a type of person who showed feelings to other people.

This blog is not about me but about love, long distance relationship and poems. I can write and share whenever and whatever I want but I hope there’s no bad reactions in here but I am open about critics it can be positive or negative.

Let me start by introducing myself to everyone. Just call me Dee and I am in love with an English guy. I am older than this guy but I think age doesn’t matter. As my blog name we met online and we fell in love. Well, I love chatting with foreign people especially guys and honestly I am looking for boyfriend online. There are a lot of ups and downs chatting guys online but I find the right guy for me. I haven’t met him yet personally but soon I will. Soon I will share some things about him, too.

I am a Filipina and he is an English guy and we live miles apart. It is one of the toughest relationships being far from the person you love. This guy is very opposite to mine. It’s funny that we love each other even if we are very opposite. He hates the things that I really like. I hate the things he likes. He said that I am his first Asian girlfriend. It’s funny coz the first time I chatted with him I added him up and luckily he accepted my request. I asked for his Skype id and he didn’t even try to hesitate to give it to me.

So, we became friends and tried to Skype every day. We don’t know but we suddenly talked about being in a relationship and the rest is history between us. Our relationship is still on the phase of getting to know more each other but we felt like we are being together for a long time. He is a kind of guy that is really detailed of many things and I am type of girl that is very opposite. He is a very funny guy too but sometimes his humour is very different and I don’t get it ( hahahaha!!! ) . Sometimes I just laugh or nod even if I don’t really understand it.

For me, he is my dream guy. When I was in high school I really want to have a foreigner boyfriend / husband. I want to have an English boyfriend, too. I am so thankful that it was given to me. Before he became my special someone. I asked for three signs and luckily 2 signs came true and still waiting for the last sign to work. This guy made me so special and he is the first guy who cried if we have misunderstanding. He is not perfect but he is truly Real not fake. He is my hunny … my Gwapo … my everything … my love … my Nigel and my forever and always.


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