Having an English Boyfriend


Before I had an English Boyfriend I tried to research about their personalities.. While reading articles about Dating an English guys they said that English guys are nice and gentlemen. I fall for the accent everything he says is music to my ears. Even if it is bad words but still it sounds good to me ( I know it’s weird!! ) . He said that he is way too different from other English people because he doesn’t like drinking teas and watching soccer games.

This is weird about him. When we met online he is not talkative at all and I am the one who is loud. But suddenly everything changes and you what happened he is talkative and I am not. He is sweet and can make me smile for a lot of times. He likes to stare at me and I am melting. OH MY GOD!!!!

Having an English boyfriend is fun because of Skype dates. He is not like other guys that only think about sex. He is a type of guy that can make your heart melt even if you’re just looking at him. He has hazel eyes but I never tried to see it closer. Some people say that some English guys are snob but I think they aren’t. My boyfriend smiles every time we talk and he is more handsome when he is smiling or laughing.

My English boyfriend for me is smart, funny, crazy and most of all super hottah!!! Hottah!! He is very open-minded and he is frank on what he really feels. For me, that is good in a relationship because you will know what he really wants to say and feel about you. He is kind hearted and he is family oriented, too. That’s what I like in a guy family is first. At least, I know that if we will be together in the future our family is his priority.

I am a proud girlfriend and I can say that having an English boyfriend is really great experience. I know that we can’t meet for now but next year we will meet. He is not yet sure what will be the month but I will blog about it if he is here in the Philippines. For sure we will do more fun activities. English guys are the best! My boyfriend is the best forever and always!


4 thoughts on “Having an English Boyfriend

    • Hello cristel … not yet … but i hope soon we will … ^^ me too… thank u so much.. actually i really hope na mamaintain q ang blog n toh.. hahaha.. i will follow u ^^ i will read ur blogs too…


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