Being in a Long Distance Relationship


Long Distance Relationship for me is the toughest relationship because you cannot hold or hug that person. This is the second relationship that is LDR and the first one was a failure. I don’t want to go back to the past because for me past is past.

What can I say about Long Distance Relationship? Well, there will be times that you are not sure if that person is the right one for you and if he / she can love and wait for you forever. If that person will sacrifice for you and can see and meet you in person. There are a lot of doubts being in this relationship. Your sleeping pattern will be adjusted and sending something to your partner is quite expensive.

Let’s move on to the more positive sides of LDR. There are disadvantages but there are advantages in this relationship. I’ve read a lot of articles and stories about LDR and I am interested about it. I know you will be miles and miles away from that person but Skype dates are the best. Watching videos and movies together are great. Your partner and you are eating your lunch and his breakfast. You can play games, too. Lastly, staring each other and talking for long hours are the sweetest.

All in all you don’t have to be afraid being in this kind of relationship. If you trust, love and communicate your partner everyday (Skype or Sending messages) your relationship will work. You need to be honest and be real to your partner, too. Let him know what are your plans, schedules and things that you need to do or where to go and who are you with. You need to tell him every day how much you love that person.

Be positive. If there will be a time that you will have a misunderstanding do your best to talk about it with your partner. If the other person is mad, let your partner to cool down and if there will be a good sign go ahead and talk. If your partner is sad, do things that can make your partner smile. Shares each other feelings and what did you do for the day.

Lastly, all I can say if you are in this relationship just enjoy the things you do every day with your partner. Smile and Laugh with him. I do feel that Nigel and I are going to be fine and happy because even if we don’t talk much we just know we love each other. I still remember what he said, “We are fine the only thing that is missing is meeting each other in person.”


QUOTE for today:

“In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged.”

                                                                        ~ Hans Nouwell ~

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Pre-LDR


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