Beauty fades Personality remains


Is beauty important in love? How about personality? Which is more important beauty or personality? These are the questions that are popping out in my mind. I had been online chatting for a long time and to some guys that I chatted they said Personality is important. But is it true? I’m in doubt.

Based on my experiences, I think for some guys online Beauty is more important. For example, your profile photo or your photos you look gorgeous in there and of course guys will add you up and ask for your Skype. You started video chatting. You saw him but suddenly this guy turn off his camera. Clueless ladies? What does it mean? Why’d he do that? Few minutes later end the call and reject your calls.

So I think some online guys when they checked your profile they only look at your photos. They will say “Oh, you’re cute. I like you.” Or “You’re hot”. I know not all of them are just looking at your photos some are serious.

Nigel and I talked about this. I am honest to him that I love putting make up and I love selfies. I have a lot of photos on my Instagram and more photos on my Face book. If we do Skype I don’t have any make up on. He said nothing change it is still the same. Maybe later on my blog I will try to post a photo of me with make-up and no make-up.

There are times that I am insecure to other women because they are sexy and so beautiful. I am happy that Nigel always telling me that he is not looking what is outside. He doesn’t care if I am fat or thin, small or big, white or black. He said that “Beauty fades if we grow older but personality remains”. I guess he is right.

What if you’re beautiful but your personality sucks. Even though you’re not gorgeous or sexy as long as you have great personality everything changes. Well, the first time you will meet that person of course you will see the outside but if you look closer you really need to see the inside. I am very grateful for having a boyfriend that is not focusing with beauty.

Piece of advice to everyone. If the person likes you because you’re beautiful or sexy, dump him/her. They’re douchebags. That person is not worth for you. Find a partner that can accept you and your flaws. You don’t need to change for that person just be YOU. Let him see everything in you.

You need to be confident with yourself. There are no perfect person in this world. All people have flaws. No one is ugly. No one is beautiful. All of us are equal. If your partner won’t accept you for who you are and what you are. Stop it! Wake up! Personality is more important than Beauty. Accept the person. Be loved and be positive.



“To Me, Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”

                                                  ~ Ellen DeGeneres ~


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