Friends are Forever

Having friends and being with my friends is the best thing ever. Talking and laughing with them is fun. My friends are crazier than me. I am a type of a person that is picky with people to talk to. I am just lucky to be friends with them.

Honestly, without my friends I am not that complete. They are the one who helps me to be better. Three years of being friends with them are such a fun and crazy experiences. The arguments and misunderstandings help us to have a stronger friendship.

I have a closest friend in our group of friends but soon she will resign in the company. I feel bad about it because she is like my sister. We may have arguments or issues but we tried to fix it and the result is better friendship between us. She is a good listener. She is nice and of course a proud Swiftie. We click even though we have an opposite personalities.

I know that even if she leave the company we will still be friends and we still have girl bonding and we still have more activities to do. I am in teary eye while writing and I am listening to Jason Mraz song “Best Friend” and it reflects on our friendship. She may be not the first friend that I met but for me she is my Karlie Kloss.

In the song, the line

And I know my life is better
Because you’re a part of it
I know without you by my side
That I would be different

I feel my life is better
So, is the world we’re living in
I’m thankful for the time I spent
With my best friend


Thank you so much for the friendship. I will treasure memories that we had in the company. I know that we will do more fun activities and I will not forget you. I am very happy that I meet you and we became great friends and we are Swifties. Promise me that we will watch her 1989 tour in the Philippines together. Sorry for being mean or hurting your feelings. Our three years of friendship and counting will be forever. I won’t say goodbye but just good luck. I wish you well on your new work. I cannot say this all to you that’s why I’ll just blog it. I feel bad because I won’t have a quiz partner and checking Taylor Swift news and updates and sharing to each other. Always remember that I’m just here for you and you will be my Karlie Kloss. See you again. Love you so much! I will miss you so much. Swifties Forever ♥♥♥


“A quarrel between friends, when made up, adds a new tie to the Friendship”

                                                                        ~ Saint Francis de Sales ~

IMG_21925396624211FaceQ1416756094092swiftie_by_maaymustache-d5nyspl tumblr_nky99eN38H1tyzf6oo4_540


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