Catfish what does this word mean? I only knew that a catfish is a kind of fish. While I was talking to Nigel he told me the meaning of it and he said that it is a person who pretends to be someone you’re not by posting false information.

I was curious about this documentary that I read in While checking it on Google this was a 2010 docu-movie and the rating is about 81%. So I tried to search it on YouTube. At first it was man talking and sharing about his LDR about a woman. The documentary lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The story is great because it can show you people who are pretending. If you are in a Long Distance Relationship it can help you how can you know the person better and how to know if the person is fake or not. This movie is a great help to people who likes online dating or looking for a partner online.

For me, I experienced that kind of thing I added this guy on Facebook he asked if I can give him my Skype Id and I gave it to him expecting that I can see him. I was really surprise when he doesn’t have camera and when I asked him about it he said he is using a mini pad and that time I felt that he is not real. Every now and then I saw he is changing profile photos. I tried to do more research about the guy on the photo and to my surprise that guy was a Gym Instructor in Canada and he has his own website.

To cut the story of this guy. I just don’t understand why people do that. What are the benefits of it? Will you be happy lying to the person that you are talking to? Why do you have to lie or pretend? There are a lot questions that I really want to ask about this. You have feelings for that person. You build good relationship together even if you haven’t met each other.

All I can say is that you need to learn from those kinds of people. Well, if they won’t do harm its fine. The question is can you be friends with the person that lied to you? The person who you trust and you thought that is real. It’s better to do Skype and you need to meet each other in person. Lies are the most ridiculous thing ever. I can forgive white lies but too much is enough.


“No can lie, No one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone’s eyes”

                                                                      ~ Paulo Coelho ~

10 thoughts on “CATFISH

  1. You are really lucky because you have met that person thru online it is easy to cope to this kind of problem. It is hard if that person is always be with you and he/she pretending that she/he likes but the truth is it isn’t. I think this kind of person is just looking for attention or he/she just want to use you to forget all the bad memories that happen in their lives. In short, they are abusing your kindness. I hate those people who are doing this kind of thing. After all you did some wonderful things to them but in the end they are going to use you in their own purpose..

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    • I can sense something is wrong on what you are saying in here. I do understand how you feel about it. All i have to say is you need to talk to that person and let her know your real feelings about the situation. 🙂 I am just lucky because Nigel is blunt about what he really feels for me so he doesn’t hide anything.


  2. Yep, that’s why you are really lucky.. Huhuhuhu but me not hahahahaha joke.. I think he/she is just a little bit shy or GUILTY for what she/he did. That’s why he/she cannot tell you the truth..

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    • No need to feel guilty about something if you didn’t do something bad to that person your conscience is clear… Hiding from someone is a bad thing to do,,,


  3. It is true… That’s life we must know who the people we are going to meet. Have courage and be kind what Cinderella says…But Cinderella got angry to her stepmother because she was so bad and she didn’t show any kindness to her the reason why Cinderella was truly mad but in the end she forgave her stepmother.. hahahahahahahahah

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