Love is ….

I must admit that I am in love and I am inspired because of someone. Love is an emotion that a person feels. Is that really what love is? There are a lot of meanings of love and which is which. I always asked myself about the real meaning of LOVE.

For now, I think I know what does love means. It doesn’t have meaning at all. It’s a connection between two people they may be far or near. He made me feel what love is. He is the only guy that I can do and I can say whatever I want. He made me feel so important every single day.

If he says, “I LOVE YOU “it’s a different feeling. It’s like you are in cloud nine and you can’t stop answering him. If I ask him why does he love me? He doesn’t reply because he said I don’t need answer I can see it already. His efforts are enough and his stares are melting me and telling me that I am really important to him.

Some people do not believe in love but for me it is for real. You need to force yourself to love someone. Love. It will happen with the right person and in the right time. Love doesn’t only exist in couple always remember that.

How about you guys, what is Love to you? You can share with me your thoughts about love. Thanks for reading. Be in love always.xoxo. ♥♥♥


Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

                                                                                        ~Loretta Young



6 thoughts on “Love is ….

  1. Love is all that matters… You are happy if you are in love to someone but if you got hurt because of love it is the most painful thing that you will experience. For me there are many meanings of love… Love is not selfish.. Love is patience.. Love is blind too… It is so hard to give up your love to someone who hurts you the most.. Because the love is still in there… But you have to her/him go so that you won’t be hurt anymore even though, it is too painful.. At the end of the day, you will realized that, you made a good decision.. Memories are still there and you will always think of it every time you are alone but you have to move forward and move on. you have to begin a new chapter of your life…

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    • That’s true. For me, You need to love yourself for now and in the end the right person will be there for you. You still have your friends and family and for now they are enough. You will find the right one for you.


  2. Wow! Thanks for a wonderful advice.. Yep, that true I have to love myself and also my family are still there for me.. Just looking forward for the brighter day… Close the door for now…. And discover everything…


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