Our third month ♥♥♥

Hey guys,  I mentioned before that I will post some photos of me and Nigel and because today is our monthsary. I asked for permission first because he is a private guy so he said yes it’s fine. These are just photos that I secretly screenshot while we are on Skype.

  Screenshot_2015-02-21-20-19-08Screenshot_2015-04-03-03-14-51 Screenshot_2015-02-26-08-12-06Screenshot_2015-02-15-15-10-12 Screenshot_2015-02-22-13-37-37Screenshot_2015-03-01-22-46-00 Screenshot_2015-03-11-21-17-49  Screenshot_2015-04-23-14-22-17Slide1

I love you so much,hun. I know you’re reading it. Thank you so much for everything. Staying stronger and lasting forever. Happy Monthsary ♥♥♥ xoxo


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