Parents will be Parents

Hey! How are you doing everyone? I feel very tired today. Weekend hangover. Last weekend, I just did Skype with Nigel but last Sunday I watched these reality shows in UK and USA. I think it is an old reality shows. The titles are My Strange Addiction and The World’s Strictest Parents. I love them both but I focused on the world’s strictest parents.

For me, the reality show was great. It can help both parents and children to reflect more about families. The only thing that I was like cultured shock was the teen’s behaviour. For a very young age they smoke, drink, smoke weeds, do drugs and even party till the dawn and I think those are not appropriate behaviours. The way they talked to their parents is not very nice. I think that the reality show let them reflect what are their bad behaviours are and how they really treat people and parents. I am happy that the family that they stayed into are supportive and very open-minded with those kinds of teens.

For me, my mom is a single mother. My mom left my dad because he cheated. I’ve never met my dad I just saw him on a photo but I don’t have it anymore. My mom and aunt raise me up. When I was young, I felt envious because some of my classmates have complete family. When I started to be a teenager, I never tried to be rebellious because my mom and my aunt gave me everything and they are both strict but still it’s fine with me.

Having rules and being strict doesn’t mean that they are not giving you freedom at home but those are their way to protect you from harm. It doesn’t mean that they don’t trust you it’s just that you need to be more mature and to learn more. There are times they give you freedom and if you take advantage of it just be prepared with consequences. As they say learn from your mistakes. Being a teenager is having fun and don’t care in the world.

Still try to respect others and more important is respecting your parents. They are the only people that know you and understand you well. Friends come and go but parents are always there for you. You need to be open to them. If you did something wrong say “I’m sorry”. Tell them how much you love them because you might regret it. Love them. Respect them.


“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”
                                                                                            ~ Anne Frank



2 thoughts on “Parents will be Parents

  1. It says in the Bible that, “Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” Children should be aware to their behaviors and talking to their parents. You are really lucky to have your mom and aunt because they always here for you and care for you. You have to open your eyes and realize that everything is good despite of sadness and pain in your life.. Life must go on forget the past pains that happened into your life.. Always remember respect your parents.. That is the best thing…

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