What is your Relationship Goal?

Hello! How are you guys? These days I feel sad because soon Nigel is going on Vacation this weekend and we won’t have a communication for more than 2 weeks. While I’m writing this I am thinking about my future with Nigel. How will I manage everything if we will be together? Do I need to do a relationship goal? For what? The only thing that I want is to be with a guy that I love and loves me and accept my good side and flaws. I think I found the right guy. We are both enjoying our relationship now and we don’t want any negative things getting on our way. I am happy that we are in our 4th month and can’t wait to count more months and years with him. He is not perfect and he has flaws and I am happy that we are both adjusting to our cultures and things that we feel we are different with. There are no perfect relationships but I must admit I want ours to be. There are times that I want to write down about my relationship goals but why do I have to I just enjoy what I am now and just be serious with my partner. Just like he always says, “Opposite attracts and that’s us.”

How about you guys? Do you have any relationship goals? Comment or share with me yours J Happy Weekend everyone! Smile. Be happy and be in love.


I want to grow old with him. I want to spend a lifetime with him. Just staying beside him and feeling that you are being protected. I want to feel his touch and hold hands with him. I want to hug and kiss him and just giggle with each other. Laugh and make fun with each other. Playing like kids. Celebrating each other’s birthdays and anniversaries. Playing outside in the rain. Cuddling in bed. Looking and staring at each other. Travel with someone you love. Saying “I Love You” as long you’re with each other. Watching movies at home and cooking food for each other. If you are argue and you both talk about and laugh about it.


“A True Relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future”.



2 thoughts on “What is your Relationship Goal?

  1. The best relationship is you both understand each other and love your weaknesses and good side. I just want to congratulate you for having good relationship with Nigel. My best wishes is happiness and forever love. I know there is forever and it’s coming soon.. Congratulations…….

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