Letter for Taylor Swift


Dear Taylor,

   Hi, how are you? I am Dee and I from the Philippines and I am one of your avid fan here. When I saw you in your MV “ Love Story “ I was really mesmerized by your beauty and of course I really love that song. You are really like a princess and now for me you are the Queen. The first time that you’ve been here in Manila it was 2011 and I was not there because I am busy working and last Red Tour me and my bestie looked forward to be in your concert but while we are waiting for the tickets we are very surprised that it was sold-out. We are losers that time and we can’t be absent on the same time and what we did is just stay tuned on Tumblr, Instagram and streaming to view your Red tour and we cried because we haven’t see you in person and even heard you singing live.

I am very happy that I met my bestie now because of you. We just met her at work and I never knew at first that we have something in common and that’s YOU. It’s funny that my birth month is December and her birthday is 13th if we combine it’s your birthday December 13th. We shared a lot of stories and opinions about you and we even try to copy your poses. I tried to tagged you on instagram but I think you haven’t notice it because you have a lot of fans all over the world. We adore you so much because you’re a great composer and you are very sweet and kind to others ( fans, bffs). We feel envious to your fans that you met and person and we really,really wish that we can meet you ,too. We are crossing our fingers that on your 1989 World tour, Philippines will be one of the countries that you will visit again.

To me, you are perfect. I hate people that think you are fake because you have a lot of friends in the industry. I hate people that they hate you. They don’t know you personally. I know that you are a good person and you are Real. I am very attached with some of your songs and I have favorites. I am very happy that you tried to shift to another genre “ POP “ and I very proud that your album is the highest selling album.

All I want to say is thank you so much for inspiring me with your songs. Inspiring me of the words that you are replying to your fans. Inspiring me that even you are a superstar anyone can reach you and they can be friends with you. Thank you so much! I am happy that you rule the music industry but still very down to earth. I just wish you more blessings and I hope and wish that we will meet you personally.

                        I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT ♥♥♥

                                                                                Much Love,

                                                                                     Dee ♥

PS : I really ship you and Calvin # Talvin #Tayvin #relationshipgoals

     You are perfect for each other. Love you both ♥


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