Lonely Days ( Just Nothing!)

Hey guys, how are you doing? This is a brand new week and I am counting days to have a communication again with Nigel. He is on vacation as I wrote it the last time and I am really missing him. The last Skype we had was last Saturday and we chatted last Sunday he sent me some photos before he left the airport. I was worried because we don’t have a communication for 11 nights ( that’s what he told me ) I don’t want to be more detailed about it. It’s weird not having someone to talk to in Skype and sending you messages before you go to bed.

This is a terrible feeling for me being lonely for a few weeks. I am confident that he won’t do crazy and stupid things while he is on vacation. This is the terrible part if you are miles apart from your partner. He promised me that he will be a good boy while he is on vacation ( I believe it! ). Nowadays, I don’t know what I am doing. I just want to write what I am feeling and just expressing it and I hope you don’t you mind it.

I tried to be busy at work and tried to go out with friends and I didn’t try to charge money on my sim card. I want to message him every single day and tell him that I really, really miss him but do you think I am over reacting? Or exaggerating? I don’t want to think negative things about it. When he called to say goodbye I wanted to cry but I tried to stop because I don’t want him to focus more on me while he is on vacation I want him to enjoy it.

I am not a possessive girlfriend. I know his schedules and other stuffs. I want to have an open communication with him, too. I want him to enjoy what he is doing and let him do just the same. I told him that he already knows limitations and I don’t want to be detailed about it because he knows that he has a girlfriend now. Just be cool with our relationship. I just can’t wait to see his vacation photos and stories.

Thanks for reading. Xoxo


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