Friendship turns to Misunderstanding

Hello everyone! Today is just an ordinary day. I am at work and quite busy but trying to write a blog. It is really hot in here and at night it’s rainy. Crazy weather! I am excited this weekend because I will chat and Skype with my love.

Nowadays, I am very puzzled about my relationship with a friend. By the way she is a girl and just pure friendship. She is such a complicated person. I am not mad or anything but it’s just that sometimes we cannot understand her. She is like denying everything that’s why we cannot understand her.

The reason is she accused us that we are judging her about something. For me, I don’t really understand the real reason about it. It’s like I only know about the story about her and a special person when me and special person talked about them. Well, they are both girls and they have special feelings with each other but my friend kept on denying this special person.

As a friend, I want to weigh in the stories and of course I don’t want to judge my friend so I am just waiting for her to open up but I guess it won’t happen. It’s just unfair to my part that I was judge too for nothing. I didn’t ask anything about them just that special person opened up to me and I am willing to listen. I am also giving advice so I can help that special person, too.

I just don’t understand that if you are friends I mean REAL friends you won’t hide something to your friends. You don’t need to say it all but you can try to share something about you. As a friend, I won’t judge about relationship. If you love same sex it’s fine if it is your happiness we don’t mind it and we will support it.

I just want her to be true to her feelings and to herself. She needs to be open-minded and try to reach out. The doubts or pains that she is feeling we can try to ease it. I don’t want our friendship to be broken and it is  not a big problem. For now, we are just trying to understand her and just waiting if she wants to share her side.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.




2 thoughts on “Friendship turns to Misunderstanding

  1. Yes, that’s true if the person really loves that special person she will not afraid to say it to her friends. Because she has to open her mind and be to herself. They said, “the truth will set you free”.
    It is all right you say to your friend about your problems and secrets because your friends will help you to overcome your problem and fears. They also say, “No man is an island”. We have to accept the fact that a person needs another person to understand him/her. and to him/her to her problems… We shouldn’t shy to tell other people for what we feel to someone. Just be yourself and be happy..

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    • Thanks 🙂 You don’t need to tell if you think you cant bear it you need to say it .. Friends are always there for you no matter what. Do not think only yourself you need to be out you need to be real


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