You are In Love … True Love

I am inspired by Taylor Swift song “You are in Love” on her 1989 album. She said that this song is for her Bff (Lena Dunham and co-written by Jack Antonoff). Before, I don’t fancy listening to it because it is a slow and mellow song. Lately, I am listening to it every day. When Nigel went to Tenerife this is one of the songs that I am playing if I am missing him so much.

I really do admit that I am in love and I am sure that this is true love. Our silence and looking at each other on our Skype Video calls means so much to me. I do feel that this guy loves me too like for real. He is not the romantic type and cheesy type of guy but there is something in him that is so different and that’s why I am in love.

If we do have video calls we don’t really talk much but we can stay for more than 10 hours on weekends. I can see him playing his game on his PlayStation or watching YouTube videos. I can see him cooking his food and but there is no boredom. Sometimes I can see him sleeping and he can see me sleeping too.

He can hear me sing, laughing, eating, even snoring. He saw me with or without make up and with my messy hair but there is no problem. He told me he wants to see me every day but I told him maybe he will bored if we talk much but he said it will never happen. Being with someone that is so different like totally different and so blunt is a good thing for me.

True love is real and it really happens. Love is give and take. You love that person and he will loves you back. If a man loves you and if you are special to him whatever you look like he will accept. I am just thankful for having Nigel in my life. Crazy Boyfriend meets Crazy girlfriend equal to Cool relationship. He is my best friend and my true love.


“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world.”
                                                            ― Nicholas Sparks, The Rescue



8 thoughts on “You are In Love … True Love

      • Thank you, Dee. 🙂 ❤ Well, yes. My boyfriend is my best friend's step brother and we met in Hong Kong. I used to live there. My family is there. I try to meet everyone in HK once or twice a year. So does my boyfriend. He lives in Hawaii now though. What about you and your boyfriend? Any plans of finally meeting up in the near future?

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      • aww.. i feel envious.. well we first known each other in a social site. yes, we do have plan probably next year he will visit here. crossing my fingers … 🙂


  1. Wow! How sweet! It is nice to a person will accept who really you are. Your mistakes and weaknesses.. They say that, “In love there is no fear”. You have to be strong and courageous if you fall in love to someone. You have to accept everything.. You have to be ready to hurt and fall in love again…

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