Baby Names (for the Future)

I have this thing that I like making baby names (future use). I want my baby to have longer names and their names to have meanings. It’s funny that I only have one letter name and I am frustrated to have longer name. The names were inspired by my fave Disney characters or fave people and names that I think matches and cute.

I constructed some names and I’ll write down the meaning


Aurora Kristabelle

Olivia Allison

Nia Doreen

Alyka Abigail



Taylor Alexis

Austin Philip

Kellen Alexander

Adriel Benedict




Aurora à Latin baby name. Mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. The name became popular because of the fairy tale “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Kristabelle à Greek baby name. The name meaning is Sparkling.

Olivia à Latin baby name. Olive: Symbol of Peace. Shakespearean baby name meaning a rich countess.

Allison à American baby name. Meaning : Of holy fame. Noble.

Nia à Welsh name. Meaning : bright.

Doreen à Irish name. Meaning : Gift of God.

Abigail à Hebrew baby name. Meaning: Father’s Joy.

Alika ( Alyka ) à Origin is from African-lbo name. Meaning : most beautiful. She who drives out beautiful women.



Taylor (Teighlor) à English name. Meaning : One who tailors clothes.

Alexis à Russian baby name. Meaning : Defender or helper.

Austin à English baby name. Meaning: magic dignity, or venerable.

Philip à Greek baby name. Meaning : lover of horses.

Kellen à Irish masculine name. Meaning : Slender, powerful, bright-headed.

Alexander à Greek baby name. Meaning : Defender of Men.

Adriel à American baby name. Meaning : The flock of God.

Benedict à Latin baby name. Meaning : Blessed.


These are just the names that are popping out on my mind and I hope that I can use these names. I am so excited if I will have a baby girl or boy. My dream. How about you guys do you have names for your babies in the future? You can share yours and if there is a meaning behind the name.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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