Cold and Stormy

Today there is a typhoon in the Philippines. The weather is so bad and while I was in the office and staring outside the window from the 32nd floor I can see fog and heavy rain. If the weather is like this you just want to cuddle or just to stay on your bed for a long time. Just be lazy for the whole day.

Bad timing I guess I am at the office and working. I am just worried about going home after work because the area where I am from is flooded area. I really hope that this typhoon will be gone soon. But wait there will be another one soon.

How do I feel if this is the weather? I feel sad and gloomy it’s strange but you have that kind of feeling. It’s like you just want to listen to sad songs and just stare at the window like you can see in some music videos. One of my students told me that every time it rains she feels sad. She wants to cry. She cannot explain why she is feeling that way but she said that’s her.

Its already night time but still the same weather. It’s dark outside and rainy. Wish Mr. Sun will be there to tomorrow to say hi and look up at the clear blue sky. No more traffic and waiting for a bus for a very long time. How about you guys? What weather do you love?

If I will choose a weather I’d say I want a snowy weather because I’ve never experience it. I dream to have a white Christmas and playing snow ball fights. I think its fun. I know it can freeze you to death but why not try it first. I hope I can experience it soon with my love.

Thanks for reading. Have a rainy night.



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