I am a Swiftie so I am stalking my baby gurl and my bae (TAYLOR SWIFT). I feel giddy every time I am reading about her and Calvin Harris (Adam Richard Wiles). I don’t know but I am very supportive with their relationship.

They are both tall, good musicians and of course they are like royalties. They look good together and they perfect. I am very happy seeing my Bae finally found someone that is so special and can make her smile and inspired all the time. I like Calvin because he is very supportive. Even if they are miles apart they are spending time together.

I am happy that me and my Bae T.S. is the same position in a LDR but well they already been with each other. For swifties, they are #relationshipgoals. Good thing that they went public and I am very happy that Calvin is very proud to be with Taylor. Every photos that I saw on Tumblr about them I feel so in love.

I saw this video on tumblr by a fan that my Bae is serenading Calvin in Dublin on her 1989 concert tour. I am so touched and I want to cry because the song is my favourite in her album “I Know Places”. I just wish that their relationship will last forever and to Calvin take care take care of our Queen Taylor. She is very precious to us and we don’t want her to see crying.

For me, I am thumbs up to them and I do feel that they are Power Couple. They are made for each other and #swangoals. Taylor and Adam forever. Love you both.

Thanks for reading.



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