Ay Am Back!

I was sick and I haven’t posted anything but now I am so back and excited to post more and more. I am so happy that some of my friends commented on my post and some liked it and I feel so happy because there is someone reading my posts. Thank you guys for the support.

For the past four days, I did regret going to my friend’s birthday party last Saturday I supposed to be there but my sickness is so nice to be with me so I didn’t the party is like an outreach party for kids so instead of spending their money to something else they share it to others by cooking food for them and giving them gifts. This a heart-warming moments and I am so lucky to have friends like them they are not selfish and willing to share what they have.

Most people like to celebrate their birthdays with expensive parties and drinks. Party overload and be wasted. I done it before but I am still not happy about it. It’s like the people who attended the party are not really your closest friends. They’re just there because it’s a party. Their messages and greetings are somewhat not really from their heart. It sucks!

As time passes by, I think parties and gifts are not important. What matters are your friends and families that are always there for you. Just a simple greeting from them makes me happy. Just seeing them posting birthday messages on Facebook is a great feeling you feel blessed that there are still people that likes or loves you.

I want share something on my birthday and I am still thinking what can I share and what are things that I need to prepare for it. My birthday is not soon just a clue (BER month). Sharing is a good thing it’s just there are times you cannot share it to other people. You feel blessed when you share something to others.


“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

                                                                              Norman Macewan



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