Distant Love by Steffi

Distance may be the only thing keeping us apart,
But I know we cant change whats in our hearts.
We end up fighting,
Saying things we dont mean.
But the very next day,
I wait for you to sign on,
Start a conversation, figure out where we went wrong.

Type out the words,
We long to hear,
Fantasies about the day,
Where it will be you and me.

People say its dangerous,
They say its just not right.
To be in love with someone,
You’ve never seen in your life.
I admit it can be dangerous,
That their fears are true.
But they dont have to worry,
Cuz love knows not the distance,
Sealed by two lovers hearts.
Love has managed to find us
No matter where we are.

If you want to check more love poems : http://www.poemslovers.com/love_poems/cyber_love/poems/1007.html


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