I’m craving for Pizza

Happy Monday! This is like the 3rd week of the month of July and another week for me. Last weekend, I stayed at home and had Skype dates with my special someone. Since last week, I was craving for Pizza I don’t know why but it is one of my fave foods.

Nigel kept on eating pizza for the past few days and he kept on teasing me about it. It is his fave food but that can I say we both love it. Cravings everyday but I have limitations because I still have my asthma and I keep on coughing for few days so I can’t eat well.

But I promise myself this week I will eat pizza not matter what happen. I’m begging my mom to eat one of my cravings this week. No chocolates, no sweets for this weekend. What do you guys do if you have cravings? What are your cravings? What do you feel if you can’t eat it?

Till next time. Thanks for reading.0bf85362a7e0fa5d2bceb0432f1405c6


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