One Roof

What can you see in a house? What’s inside of it? Literally speaking, we are talking about family. My family may not be perfect and I don’t have a father but I am very happy being with my mom. I know in the future it will be different I will be with my husband and my children. Every weekend, I like watching reality drama show and I can learn lessons from it and I think I can apply it in the future. Let’s say the situation is so perfect you have a loving fiancé and he decided to go abroad to work but after two years he return and you thought it will be the same between you and him. Then one day someone knocks on your door and introduces herself and has a baby and tells you that she is the woman of your fiancé. WTH!!!

……… Loading….Checking… What are you going to do? What will happen if you are in the situation? Will you be mad? Will you understand? Will you be crazy? What? What? What if your guy tells you that woman can stay in your house. Like actually live there with you guys. So it’s like you, your guy and the other woman living in one roof. The awkwardness is there and you would see her every single day. Eating, Taking a shower, Watching TV with you guys. It’s hell. It’s a burden.

Reality check, talk to your guy about the situation. You can’t live like that for a long time and if he is responsible and if he has conscience he will let the other woman go and let her be. Don’t let him choose between you and the other woman it will make the situation more complicated. Handle the situation calmly and nicely. Even if you don’t want to you need to be brave enough to talk to that other woman. If she will be a bitch fight for your right. Always remember you are the original you met him first and he is your man. Don’t give up the fight. This is only my opinion about this situation.

How about you guys? What is your opinion about that situation? Comment below … Thank you for reading 🙂



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