Breaking Up is hard to do!

I like watching Korean Web Dramas and for the past week I was hooked on this drama and the title is “WE BROKE UP” and the actors are Kang Seung Yoon and Dara Park. It has 10 episodes and it just ended last week. The story is about a couple who ended up their relationship because they always argue for nothing and they are not meant to be with each other. As time passes by they realized that they still have feelings for each other. Ending is they met on the favourite place and just talked to each other.

Break up! Heartaches! These are things that I really want to avoid. It’s too difficult to move on and all of the things or people around you are not important anymore. But what if the situation will be like that you break up without thinking that you are still in love with that person. It’s like this you always argue with a lot of things even simple things and the end of the day both partners will decide that they will break up because it’s not right.

As for my opinion, you can at least try to reach out and talk. If you feel that your partner is not yet ready to talk give that person sometime and when it’s fine grab a chance to talk like deep conversation. Try to look for the cause of the arguments and find the best solution to stop it. Always try to be positive with your relationship. Don’t just cry and say Let’s Break Up. That’s a No-No.

You might regret in the end that you let your partner go. If you want you can try to ask him to have space and let yourself breathe. If you’re ready you can talk to your partner if there is a way to start again and hope for the better. There are consequences if you want to do that. You cannot be separate for a long time and you cannot let your partner wait for you for too long. It’s a win-win situation it’s either that your plan will work or lose everything.

There are times that we broke up with someone for no reason and we regret everything. You can’t move on and see your ex-partner happy with another person. That’s the worst case. You will blame yourself for letting that person go. Ask yourself what’s the reason why did you and your partner ended up your relationship? Why do I feel bad when I see my ex happy? Why is my ex happy with his or her new partner? How can my ex move on too fast? Am I not that important? Is our relationship was nothing? These are the questions that are circulating on your mind if you see your ex.

On the bright side, try to reflect. If nothing work out. Try to let go and move on. Moving on just like I said before is never been easy but if it’s good for you. You have to do it. Everything happens for a reason. It might be a good reason for you to let go. Just smile and be confident with yourself. Don’t let yourself trap in the dark side. Have your friends with you. Talk to other people. Ask for suggestions or opinions. Make over. Be beautiful or handsome.

Quote of the day:

“ Breakups hurt but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.”



4 thoughts on “Breaking Up is hard to do!

  1. Yep breaking up with someone is hard to do because you really love that person. But in the end you will realize your mistakes and everything. However, breaking up is the way to make you a better person and try to move on.

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