My Monthly 3 Goals this August


I wanted to join on this and I hope it is not too late to post it in here.


  1. Blogging Goals :


  • I am not really into blogging before but when I started I just can’t get enough of it especially now that I am part of LDR community. I really want to make more blogs and post more stories about my relationship and try to share it to other people and have their views and comments so I can apply it to myself and to my relationship.



  • I want to participate more in the community and accept more challenges. Try to be more active and talk more to others. To gain more friends and ask for advices about LDR.



  1. Personal Goals:


  • Since I am still renting an apartment with my mom. I am planning to loan a house so I am now looking for houses and preparing myself to earn more to have my own house in the future. I already talked about it with Nigel and he lets me decide if where will be the best place for us in the future.


  • I wanted to be healthy and free from being sick. I have asthma so I’ve been sick for quite sometimes I am trying to avoid foods that can trigger my asthma. I am trying to some exercise so I will be healthier. More vegetables and fruits and less junk foods.


  1. Relationship Goals:


  • I want to send more snail mails and care package for Nigel. This is another way that I can let him feel that he is important to me. I can send him some things or food that is not usually seen in UK.


  • Try to be more patient. I know that we will meet next year so I don’t have to rush things and pressure him and ask him when will be the month that we see each other. He might be pissed off. Take one step at time. Just enjoy the moment for now.

These are my goals for this month and I do promise to do these and complete it! What are your goals this month? Thanks for reading 🙂


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