I watched this movie last weekend and I was a little bit disappointed because my copy is not HD so it’s not very clear. And I am little confused about the movie but I was curious so I continue watching it. While watching the movie I feel sad about Laura Burns because she was bullied by her own so called Friends. There is a video that was posted on You Tube about Laura being wasted on a party. At the end of the movie I was surprise and I really thought the other people who died should be punished but Blaire was the one who posted the video on You Tube and not her boyfriend. It was devastating to know that she is very selfish.

Bullying is everywhere but being bullied by your own friends are worst. I am reading an article and it says there that you can be traumatized by it. It’s because friends know more about you. It’s like they have your worst and best. There are times that you are so popular and suddenly when you go to school everyone are laughing and gossiping about you. You didn’t even know why. You will find out that your so called Friends are the one who started it. You confronted them but they just laugh at you. Those people are A**Holes.

Nigel told me that he was bullied when he was 1st and 2nd year high school he said those years he was affected by them but he realized that he shouldn’t let someone do that to him so for a sweet revenge if he was bullied he just don’t mind it until they will be pissed off because he wasn’t reacting anymore. He told me when he was in 3rd and 4th year he was suddenly in a popular group in school. He said he was quite popular those years but it was a bad idea because there are a lot of complications about their friendship.

In my case, I was bullied because I am chubby so some of my classmates and students called me “Pig”. Sometimes, I am still affected about it if I reminisce but I don’t mind others anymore because they have problems and I don’t have. A person that bullies others has more insecurities and problems. That’s why they are bullying you because they want attention. So instead of being pissed off just laugh at them and smile that’s the sweetest revenge. Don’t let them get on your way. If you are bullied you need to tell someone about it. Talk to your parents, teachers or even relatives about it so they can tell you what to do. Don’t hide it to your parents if you think they cannot understand you. Try to talk to them heart to heart be open.

Don’t kill yourself because bullies told you to do so. They don’t know you personally. Always remember there are more people that love you. As for parents at least try to talk or ask them how’s their day going. Try to have a mom or dad child bonding. It can help a lot. Understand each other. Be more open to each other. Always tell how much you love each other.


Thanks for reading. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Unfriended

  1. I’m sorry you were bullied. (((((Hugs)))))
    You’re beautiful….. And you have compassion. People who bully have very low self esteem….. Or they are just plain evil. You are good…. Good always out ways the bad ❤️

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