Baby You and Me


I think I’ve posted more on sad stories but for today I wanted it to be happy and in love. I just want to share how I am feeling everyday whenever me and Nigel are on Skype dates or bombarding messages each other. Things are getting stronger and better for the both of us. It feels like everything is perfect. I must say being with Nigel is very different. Crazy things and conversations are so perfect.

I must say I am really a music lover and every time I write my posts I am listening to music and get inspiration from the songs. For today, I am listening to Auburn “Perfect Two “. I guess I’ve heard this song before but I didn’t mind it. Trying to check some love songs on YouTube I found this song and an animation MV. The song is song cute and it’s great for us. I need to convince Nigel to listen to this song even if he doesn’t like love songs.

I have butterflies in my stomach every time Nigel smiles and get closer to the camera. Sometimes being wacky and making funny faces on Skype dates makes me laugh so hard and completes my whole day. I never thought that the serious guy I’ve met before became like this funny, crazy and very cute in some ways. He said that he is not like this in his past relationship. He told me that he is very happy and very in love. Am I lucky sure I am. J
I love talking to him because he is smart and very blunt about his opinions. I like it when he is pissed off with the noise of the seagulls and he swears them and all I have to do is laugh so hard but the way he says swear words it sounds cute. Sometimes if he cannot decide what to eat for dinner I am the one who decides for him and I give him a lot of choices but ending up with pizza or burger. Sometimes making fun of my pronunciations of some words or letting me hear his favourite rock songs that make me dizzy. He is just a bully.

I love making fun of him about color pink because he hates it much. I told him that when he visits here everything in my room is hello kitty or anything cute. He always said that Pink is so girly and he cannot stay in a place that has pink. It’s just unfair because he is not annoyed if I am making fun of him. Our relationship is not perfect but its super amazing. I cannot explain how much I am really in love and happy that Nigel is my partner and I hope this feeling won’t last.


“When two are meant for each other no time too long no distance is too far and nobody can keep them apart.”

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Happiness


2 thoughts on “Baby You and Me

  1. Yep that’s correct… No matter what happens if you and that person are meant to be you will see each other. I do believe that, always be happy and be patience for everything. Be good to others even though, others are not good to you..

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