Every 14th day of the month is a special day for me and Nigel because it is the day that we are together. I am always longing for that day. I always greet him first because of the time difference. Nigel is not showy but I do feel that he is very happy that we are counting our months of being together. I love making videos or editing photos and it’s one of my ways to show how I feel for Nigel.

Today, I made a letter for him. At first, I want this to be my vow on my wedding day. This letter expresses how I feel for him and the promises that I want to do. Nigel thought me things that I never wanted. He lets me to be real and be open to how I feel. Let me feel that I am loved by someone that is special to me.

To my dearest partner,

I do admit that I am the first one who was interested on you. I added you up and I thought you wouldn’t mind me at all. I never thought that we will have great relationship together. I know at first you were hesitant to be in this relationship but I am happy that we took a risk. You may feel uncomfortable at first and not so open about yourself and you are not that smiling much. Few weeks later everything changes and you manage to be more open in our conversations and to my surprise I never thought that you are talkative and crazy as me. As time passes by we never thought we will be this long and starting to love each other more. You’re the first guy who cried in front of me and telling me how much I am mean to you and you will love me forever. Our conversations are always fun even if we are not talking much. I love our Skype dates especially watching Music Videos together. I love the way you bully me especially if I can’t pronounce the words right. I love it when you’re cooking and let me see how it’s done. All I want to say is thank you for being there and for being a great boyfriend. You are not perfect but for me you are. You are not sweet and romantic but I know you have it in you. I am always telling you that you are my dream guy. Thank you for giving me your time even if you’re very busy at work and try to earn money to see me. All I want you and me together and just stay with each other whatever happens between us we know that we can strive for it and we can make it. I promise to stay beside you in tough and happy times. Promise to make you smile and laugh at any corny jokes. Promise to cook for you and make your coffee every single day. Promise to play video games with you and I will try to learn it. Hug and kiss you if you’re tired and you feel down. Distance makes us apart but our hearts are with each other. Distance is one of the reason that we are staying stronger. I know that I will meet you soon and I can’t hide my excitement. I love you so much and forever I will till death do us part.


“When you’re in love, you’re capable of learning everything and knowing things you had never dared even to think, because love is the key to understanding of all the mysteries.”
                                                                                                                                    ― Paulo Coelho, Brida



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