Brit Guy and Pinay (All about Food ) Part 1


I am excited to write about this new blog prompt but I want to be different. Culture differences for me are good in this long distance relationship because you can share more about each other. I am a Filipina and Nigel is English and our cultures are super different from each other. Today, I really want to blog about it but I am brain dead so I asked help from Nigel and he told me that I can check Wikipedia about their culture but he said I should write about food because we both love it. Well, that gives me an idea so I look for photos on Google and compiled it.

Every Sunday, Nigel goes out with friends and eats full English breakfast and I know that it is way too different with our breakfast. Out of curiosity I asked him what are included in full English breakfast. It includes fried eggs, sausages, black pudding, bacons, baked beans, toasts and tomatoes. When I checked it online I was surprise because for me it is too much. Here in the Philippines our breakfast is just coffee and salt bread with cheese.

One time, Nigel is eating something that not familiar to me and he asked me if I tried it before he said to check online about Scotch Eggs he said that every Christmas or if he is in Penrith his mom cooks it or they are buying it in the supermarket. I checked YouTube on how to make it and I promise him to make if he is visiting me. He said that he likes to eat pudding. He likes to eat so he search on YouTube and he wants to eat Champorado it is a black rice pudding and it is good if it is rainy season and to have a contrast with the sweetness there is a salty dried fish at the side. I told him I love cooking and my specialty is Adobo. It can be pork or chicken with soy sauce, vinegar and pepper. My mom teaches me to cook pancit it is a noodle that the Chinese introduce it to Filipinos and if it is birthday party pancit is always on the table.

Let’s go the best part Sweets. For Filipinos we also have a traditional chocolate it is called Hany or Choc-nut. It is a combination of peanut and chocolate and it is very cheap. I small bar is only 1.oophp and the 24 pieces is about 24 – 30php. I haven’t introduced it to Nigel because I don’t have the chance to buy it. He shared that in United Kingdom the famous chocolate is Cadbury and it is cheap. Last time I think it was Easter his boss gave him an Egg chocolate by Cadbury and I was overwhelmed because it’s big and Nigel is not a fan of sweets. He eats it rarely but not like me even if I have cough I still eat chocolates.

The end of this, I let Nigel look for exotic foods in the Philippines and he doesn’t like what he is watching and by the look of his face it’s a no-no for him. So what I did, I told him to do a dare. He said said YES so I love it so much. There is this exotic food that really won’t even try to eat. Sorry for him he must do it. This is a duck’s egg but it is not a usual egg this is very popular in the Philippines and almost foreigners can’t stand eating it. For me, I love eating it. I love the taste and my fave part is the duck. Sorry baby duck I have to eat you. I posted some photos of the foods that I mention in here. There’s a lot to share but it’s better if he is here so he can try all of it. He promised to cook for me English food, too. It’s amazing. And one more thing when Nigel mention that he will eat TEA I really thought he is talking about the one that we drink but he is talking about dinner and he said he used using that word. Nice information for me and I am still learning more about him.

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“There are many cultural differences between us, but I think we’ll find a lot of similarities, too.”

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Culture

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10 thoughts on “Brit Guy and Pinay (All about Food ) Part 1

  1. Ohhhh, I am really hungry… Because you talk about food hahahahaaha…… The food in other is different than ours. There are times, their food is really special and hard to prepare but when you taste it. It is really delicious.. Filipino foods are totally delicious that’s why other nationalities like to try to eat our food…They like to try duck’s egg and they said that, it is really disgusting.. But for us it is really delicious and they say that it is good to eat balot in the afternoon…

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    • I know.. I want to try to cook Scotch eggs and full English breakfast if he is here so he won’t miss it. Well, sorry for him he really needs to eat balut whether he likes or not.. hahaha


  2. Hi Dee,

    I hope all is well with you? I read your blog and thought it might be worth sending you a quick email to let you know what I am doing. I am contacting you from Cactus TV, an award winning TV production company based in London, England. We are in the process of producing a new series of programmes for a new UK Satellite channel.

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    It is with this I wanted to talk to you about. I have read your blog and it swell written and funny. As part of this film, we were really keen to speak to couples who have met online and are maintaining a long distance relationship. I believe this is one of the areas where technology and romance really work well together, and become crucial for keeping love alive. I think it is great that you share your story, for the benefit of others and would love to talk to you about it more, if you were up for a follow up chat?

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,

    Eddie Mills

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    • Wow!!! this is great news. I still can’t believe it. Well, it’s fine with me but i need to talk to my bf about it because he is with me in here 🙂 Chat me its fine 🙂


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