Parents are the Best Supporters

I am in a long distance relationship there are so many times that I Miss Nigel so much and there are times that I do feel alone about our relationship because sometimes he was too busy working. I read articles that nothing last forever in LDR. Before I had a bad experience about this kind of relationship and it was super hard for me to move on. I am happy that my friends and my mom were there for me at those tough times. That was my first LDR and I invested too much trust on it. I never ever realized that someone that you trust much will hurt you too much.

Let’s move on now, time flies so fast and I have new LDR with an English guy that I couldn’t imagine that is very supportive and sweet. I blogged about meeting his parents on Skype few months back and that time was nerve wrecking. Before that Nigel told his Dad about our relationship well he didn’t disagree with it but he just told Nigel to be careful. As weeks passes by I told my mom about having a LDR with Nigel and at first my mom disagree with it because she was concern about me especially about my past LDR. When Nigel told me that he texted and called up her mom to tell her about me well it’s the same with his dad but his mom asked him if sends money or if I am asking money from him.

Honestly, that time I was hurt. I felt that his mom doesn’t like me and maybe thinking I am after his money. I told my mom about it and she was hurt and she was thinking that I have to end the relationship because it won’t last for long. I shared it with my friends and they give me some advice about it. In my mind, I don’t want to stop my relationship with him I do feel that he is the right guy for me. When Nigel and I are talking I am just smiling and trying to hide the hurt that I am feeling I am scared to open it up to him.

It was the time that he is in Penrith and he wants me to meet his mom. I just don’t know what to say. I feel happy and nervous at the same time. I met his mom and I think his mom is nice. We talked and she said that I am like her when it comes to Nigel. After the conversation Nigel told me that his mom likes me and I was so happy and I feel relieved. Nigel assured to me that his mom supports our relationship and they talked about me and he defended me and he said that I am not like the other girls I am different. I wanted to hug and kiss him because of what he said.

Going back to my mom I let her talk to Nigel. He promised my mom that he will visit me here to prove that his love for me is real and true. I am just happy that now mom and Nigel are okay. I remember that Nigel’s mom texted him if how I am because she heard that there is a typhoon in the Philippines and that’s super sweet. This September I will talk to her because he will visit Nigel. I can’t wait. My friends are supportive with my relationship with him they even talk to him if we are on Skype at work. They call him “Pogi”.

What I’ve learned, there will be times that you misjudged others but if you get to know them better and talk to them in the end you will like them. In this kind of relationship because Nigel is family oriented I am just happy knowing that his parents are okay with me. Now I must say I am excited to meet them for real. The same with Nigel he is excited to meet my mom. Parents are just protecting their child from harm but they need to listen to them if their child wants to say something. It should be an open communication.


“Parents are always supportive of anything their kids do. They point out the pros and cons, but they let you make your own decisions, and when it’s bad they stick by you.”

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Support

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5 thoughts on “Parents are the Best Supporters

  1. That’s true, parents support us in every thing that we do like dreams and ambition. Filipinos are family oriented, we value our family. That’s why we have to honor and love our parents that is the God’s rule with a promise.. If you always respect them blessings will come to your life. .

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  2. SheryL♥ says:

    It’s a common misconception that Filipino women are after their foreigner lovers’ money. This also gives me a pang of pain every time I hear people say it. Unfortunately, we can’t blame them because it’s a sad fact. However, let’s not be bothered because we know that we aren’t one of those gold diggers. 😉

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