Brit Guy and Pinay Part 2

next week

Last time, I write about the differences between foods and now I will try to right about more cultural differences and it is more general. I like doing research about British guys and how they are like when it comes to women. I also read articles and watch reality show in UK. While watching I know that it so different from ours. They are more open-minded and they are so blunt with everything. I remember that Nigel told me that at the age of 16 he started working and at 19 he is already independent. He is living in his apartment and paying his bills and doing groceries on his own. Here in the Philippines, as far as I know even if you are old you can still live with your parents and other parents can still support you. In my case, I am with my mom and I am still living with her the reason is its only me and my mom but I am supporting my mom but mostly we are helping each other. I have work and she has work, too.

From my previous post on my blog I have Tagalog time with Nigel because he wants to learn our language and he said so he can understand the people that are talking to him if he is here. Since, I know two Filipino languages. To understand more, I was born in Iloilo it is in the Visayas part of the Philippines and our language there is “Hiligaynon” it is very different from Tagalog. So, now Nigel asked me to help me just basic Tagalog expressions which he can use if he will visit here. There are times that he is just too lazy to read so he forgets about it. If I call him “pogi” or “gwapo” (handsome in English) he understands it. He also understands “maganda” (beautiful) and “Kamusta ka?” (How are you?) and “Mahal Kita” (I Love You).He is learning the word “panget” (ugly), mabaho (smelly) and mabango (smells good). There are times I let him finish sentences like Nigel is ______ he will answer panget and Dee is ______ and he will answer maganda. I am happy that he wants to learn my language. I love the way he say the words it’s so cute with his accent makes me fall for him more.

I read about Diana’s post that she doesn’t know that to call her SO mom or dad. Well, I commented about it that it is the same as me. I have a post about it meeting his parent’s on Skype and Nigel to call his mom and dad by their first name but in our culture calling someone by their first name especially older than you is rude. I told Nigel that I can’t call them by their names and even my mom told me to call them Tita and Tito. Nigel in the end decided to let me call them Mom and Dad, too.*giggles*. I also met his grandma but I also call her Nana. In Nigel’s case, he also calls my mom not by her first name but Mom, too. I know that Nigel has step dad and he just calls him by his first name and he said its fine with him. Well, it’s just way too different. I guess in their country it’s fine but here elders will scold you if you call them that way probably hit you, too.

I want Nigel to learn some of Filipino cultures like using “po” and “opo” (this is a respectful reply and usually in the end of a sentence). Mano or Pagmamano is a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of accepting a blessing from the elder. When I was young at exactly 6pm I always go to elders and do the gesture. I also want to learn about British cultures and I am reading articles about it and I know that Nigel will introduce me to their cultures step by step. For now, I am happy that even if have cultural differences we don’t have arguments about it and we don’t disagree. We both respect our cultures and there are times we talked about it and share each other opinions.



“Value the differences, but also discover the similarities and then learn from one another, start to understand each other and start to change perspective”.

                                                                                        – Steffi Biester –

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Culture

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5 thoughts on “Brit Guy and Pinay Part 2

  1. We have different cultures that we follow in other nationalities..By respecting their cultures, they will appreciate and happy because you like to know the difference of it. Even though, two persons have different culture if you talk about love it will be the same. However, you need to know and respect the cultures that we have. Cultures and religions are not hindrance to fall in love with someone especially in different nationalities as long as you have trust and respect no one will ever separate both of you… Always stay happy and understand each other.. Best wishes to you Dee and Nigel…

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