Letter for my friend


I don’t want to do an open letter but I have to because I have this friend that makes me feel bad. She was close to me but now she doesn’t want to talk to me because of my relationship with Nigel. I want to share it with Nigel but I don’t want to because Nigel will be upset. I won’t name drop so she can have privacy. This is for you and I hope you read it. I want you to hear me and understand me. Long Distance Relationship is not bad and having this relationship is great. I will stay in this guy that is far from me than having a guy that is near and has no time for me. I don’t want to hurt your feelings I just want to be real to you now.This letter is only for YOU!!!


I know that you don’t like Long Distance Relationship and you don’t believe it in. I don’t know why you always tell me that I should not trust him. This is my life and my relationship. Do whatever you believe in. Say whatever you want to say. I know that we are friends and you know me well but he is different from the other guys. I always explain what LDR is and there are advantages and disadvantages about it. I know that I’ve been through this before and you are there to help me. I want you to understand me and my situation. I love this person and I know that he is serious with me and to our relationship. Gifts and material things are not important to me. The most important is he loves me and he is real to me. I don’t want someone to tell me what to do. Gossips are the worst. Go ahead and believe those people. I don’t know them and they don’t know me personally. Why do your friends ask me if Nigel sends money to me? He is not a bank account that has overflowing money and I don’t like what your friends thinking about Nigel. I never thought that you change and you are a different person. I can’t believe that you are not the friend that was there for me. I want to tell you that I don’t care what other people say about me and Nigel. I am happy with him and our parents support us. I don’t want to be mean to you because you’re older and you are my relative and a friend. I appreciate your concern but I just don’t like the way you say about Nigel. I have feelings and he is my boyfriend. I am hurt. People really change and that is true and I really do hope that before you say something about my relationship or about him you need to understand what you’re saying. I don’t want arguments because arguing with you is nothing. If you disagree about my relationship with Nigel that is not my problem. I am happy with my relationship. He makes me happy and inspire. I know that he is not showy but I know he truly loves me. I want you to know that if Nigel will visit I will let you meet him and try to know him before you say something bad against him. If you won’t support my relationship with him I understand your decision. I know that there are more friends and people who are there to support me. All I want to say is thank you for being a friend and it makes me feel sad that you want to end up our friendship because of him. I am still clueless about your reasons. I hope someday we can talk. I still love you, my friend ❤



“At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.”

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