My Monthly 3 Goals this September

New month, new goals but I am happy that some goals that I posted the last time is progressing and getting better. This month I am more in to long term goals because it will took some time for me to finish these goals.
1.    Blogging Goals -> My goals here are getting better and happy with the results of my blog. I gain more friends and they’re awesome. I am participating with challenges and I am very much inspired to blog more.
·    I want to do a collaboration blog with someone in the community. I think it is great to exchange ideas with each other and do brain storming. ( HINT: we are in the process of doing it)

·    I want to posts more stories and share it to others and connect with them. I want to be more creative with my blog posts.

·    I want to participate more with other challenges in LDRBN and challenges that my friends posts. This will motivate myself to do more and to convince Nigel to participate with me.

2.    Personal Goals -> This is a long term goal for me and until now I am still in the process of finishing it.

·    I already have the house to have a loan. Now, I am processing and completing some requirements that are needed to get the house. My mom is helping me out to talk to the person who is in charge with the house loan. I need to do a house tripping to check the house.

·    I am happy that I am not that sickly anymore. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and lessen down junk foods. Do a monthly check up at the health center.

·    I need to save more money for future use. Open a new bank account soon. I will resign on my work for next year so need to earn more. Less shopping and going out friends.

3.    Relationship Goals -> It’s better because I am so excited because Nigel has the official dates in visiting me.

·    To send more snail mails and care package before Christmas season. I really need to do it but I am just waiting for the right time to send.

·    Try to be patient with Nigel especially if he is too busy with his work and try to understand him if he is tired from work. Try to convince him to eat less junk food.

Long term goals the best but I’ll take it step by step to finish it. I can do this ❤ Thanks for reading.



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