(Day 1) Love is …


Today is my first day of posting this. Just like I said last night I was inspired by this comic strip by Kim Casali. The drawings are just simple but i love the quotes. On the comic strip, I saw that there’s a date on it but for me I’ll just choose random comic strips to post in here. if you’re interested of reading it : Click here

Day 1 : Love is … a picture of him as your screen saver.

Okay, so I guess every couple do this. Well, for me because my computer is not working at all so my wallpaper on my phone is my SO’s photo.

At first, I am hesitant to put his photo because I feel it’s a jinx with my relationship. I love editing photos so every time I edited photos of me and my ex I used it as my wallpaper but after that we argued for no reason but if I don’t used our photos so no arguments. It’s strange. I know.

So when Nigel and I met and became couple I didn’t do it. Nigel told me that I am so superstitious and believe it too much. I guess he is right. I am not sure if he use my photos as his wallpaper but I know his screensaver on his laptop is a scary and weird dragon. I might ask him about it.

Okay, well I want his photo as my wallpaper because I miss him much especially if he is busy at work or going out with his friends or family. I love looking at his face because he is prettier than me. hahahaha. He has this innocent look and just handsome. And I feel that he is just near me so I don’t feel lonely. Here’s the proof 🙂


How about you guys? can you share what or who is on your wallpaper or screensaver? What’s the reason why you use it in there?

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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