Happiness is with You

Today, I received great news from Nigel and I am still on cloud nine while writing. I am so excited for everything for 2016. While writing this I tried to look for the prediction of year of the rat for 2016 and I look for the Love and Relationship section. And I was surprise while reading it and it says:

“Your relationship with your spouse will be full of love and compassion. There will be peace in your bonding and enough passion to ignite your love life. This is an excellent year to plan for a pregnancy.”

Okay, so this is a nice thing for me but I am not sure about with Nigel. I tried to check to another site. And it says:

“The Chinese New Year 2016 predictions say that the same is true for your romantic situation. Whether single or with someone, you feel the pull of your commitments so strongly that it affects everything around you. There is no middle ground with you this year. While the Rat animal sign will experience some wonderfully happy moments, those that are upsetting will be the low points in your life. It will take quite the emotional toll.”

These are just my guide but I don’t really want to be sure about it. It is still me that can do my own destiny. I don’t want to rely on this because it’s not that good for me. Just read about it but not focusing on it. I am just inspired to write down what I am feeling today.

Nigel is excited to visit here. He told me that he will book a flight end of this year or January 2016. Countdown begins and I have my app on my phone. I cannot wait for the time that I will hold and hug him. If we do Skype dates I am reaching my hands to Nigel because I told him I want to hold his hand and hug him and I am just happy that he also try to reach out and I do feel that Nigel is not like that.

I want to stay this way being happy and in love and it’s not much to ask. Have this kind of feeling is flattering. Happiness is easy to find but how about real happiness how can you find it? How do you that it’s real? For me, I know and feel that it’s real happiness because hearing and seeing him makes me happy especially the effort that he is going to do.

I think my life is better than before and it’s beginning to be complete. My mom and I are great and our relationship is argument free. Nigel is there for me and the only missing is for him to visit me here. Real happiness can be hard to find but if someone special for you and family is there and support your relationship is the greatest. My life isn’t perfect but I know that I have my real happiness.


                     “Love is the master key that opens the gate of Happiness.”

  •                                                                                                    Oliver Wendell Holmes

Happiness-Wallpaper-2Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Happiness

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