(Day 3) Love is …

cff66d613ff0799ee1a4f127fcb22a93We all have insecurities and I am one of those people. Honestly, I don’t feel beautiful or sexy when I look at the mirror. When I was young, I was bullied because I am chubby and even now there are some people who bully me for being fat. My inner self and confidence are getting low because of those kind of people. I realize that I don’t have to care about what they say. For me, I make negative comments as an inspiration and make it positive.

I am happy that Nigel loves me for who I am and what I am. He doesn’t care what he looks like. He accepts everything and my flaws. I thank god that I find a guy that is true. Do you have insecurities? How do you cope with people who criticize you?


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