Gentlemen Where Art Thou

Gentleman means a well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behaviour. I do understand the real meaning of this word. I just want you guys to know that this post is just my opinion and this is based on my experiences. I am nothing against with anyone especially with men. I am sorry if I post something that is not good. I am just expressing my feelings.

I know that there are still gentlemen out there but I am not talking about in General. I know not all guys. I have a boyfriend and I do know that he is a gentleman. Okay, I will start writing now. I observe that here in the Philippines there are some guys that are not nice at all. For example, if you are waiting for a public vehicle to ride and if there’s a lot of people waiting and you will see the vehicle approaching some men are rushing towards the vehicle and sometimes they push you. I mean yeah we are tired from work and we want to go home but try to respect and there will be times that they don’t care if you’re hurt.

Earlier, while I am inside a public vehicle it stopped in front of two guys and a woman. Since the vehicle is a bit crowded these two guys rushed to go in and they left the woman hanging so she went to down and just waited for another vehicle. Where all the gentlemen go? Are they still here? I just feel bad that some guys are like that they should be ashamed of themselves. I am totally pissed off earlier like they are buff and strong but what they did was shameful and turn-off.

There are times that some drivers will tell a joke about those kinds of guys. “Let the guys go first because they won’t have a seat inside the vehicle”. They think that it’s funny of course not it’s for their ego. Come on. I know we are in a modern world but we need to have respect and be a man. That’s why some women over ruled them because of what they are doing. It’s so pathetic! (sorry for that word)

Please try to be a man. Try to be gentleman. It wouldn’t hurt your ego at all. You can at least like say sorry if you hurt someone or maybe let a woman sit down in your seat. I just can’t believe that everything changes so fast and you will be surprise with it. I hope that someday there will still be enough men that can be REAL MEN.This different from the posts that I have in here. Please respect my view.


                                               “A Boy Speaks, A Gentleman Acts.



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