(Day 4) Love is …

20110323When do you feel that he is the one for you? For me, it takes a little long time for me to know that Nigel is the one for me because of some reasons. After a few months, I am beginning to love and love him more. I cannot explain the feeling. He always told me that he can’t explain why he loves me all he knows I am important to him and he wants to be with me (like forever).

He is really destined for me and I am destined for him. Today is the 14th and its our 7th monthsary and 5 months more and it’s our anniversary. Time flies so fast. I really wish that our relationship will stay longer and stronger. After meeting next year I am hoping that everything will be fine and be better.

All I can say is I love you so much,hubby. Thanks for always there for me even we are miles apart. Happy that you accepted my past and every thing about me. Please stay there with me and don’t let go. I promise to be here for you  now and forever because you are my destiny. my soulmate. Happy 7th to us ❤



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