September Photo-a-day Challenge


September 12: Favourite Shirt/Top

This is my favorite because of the cat design. This super cute and I usually wear this when I go out with friends or go to work and partner with my fave sneakers and skirt.

faveviewSeptember 13 : Favourite View

The first photo that was last year when I went to Laguna with my friends I love the view because it’s all green and of course at there’s a river,too. This place is super nice and relaxing. I wish I can visit in here again to see the super cold stream.


September 14 : Favourite Person

None other than, my Queen Taylor Swift. I love her so much because she is very nice to her fans and she’s protective to them,too. I am inspired by her songs and I always listen to it. I know media just make her look bad but I know that she is the nicest person. I want to meet her in the future and I hope it will be on her 1989 world tour if ever she will visit the Philippines. I love you, Taylor Swift.

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