Feelings be like a Tidal Wave

Do you have this feeling that you have butterflies in your stomach every time you talk to the person you like or love? Cold and sweaty when you shake hands. Beating of your heart is getting louder if that person passes by you. When both of you looks at each other everything changes. Kissing that person has a magical feeling. Staring and looking at him makes your heart melts. I love this feeling.

I just can’t explain why I choose tidal wave to compare it to my feelings every time Nigel is talking to me on Skype or Viber. If I saw the notification Nigel is typing….. I am like feeling giddy and can’t wait to answer him. Even if it’s just a Hi or Hello it’s fine with me. If we are already on a video call sometimes I feel nervous to talk to him and I dunno why. I like seeing him smirking every time I call him “Pogi”. I like when he is smiling and laughing if is watching funny videos in You tube. I know I am not a teen anymore to be so giggle every time he is looking at me but I just can’t help me.

I guess even the tidal wave washes everything but my feelings for him are still stronger and I will hold what I am feeling for him. This tidal wave feeling got me and I know that he is the only guy that I can feel this way. My emotion to him is like the waves at sea that sometimes calm and rough. The only thing that I want is I don’t want him to leave me alone and lost at sea. Too many feelings to feel if you are with the person you love so real. There will be times that you don’t understand it.

Last Saturday, This song “Tidal Wave” by Julie Ann San Jose gave me an inspiration to make this post. I love the lyrics and meaning of the song. The song is catchy and you can jam with it too. You can try to Google the song if you are curious about it. There are some lines of her songs that I tried to rephrase it and just make it more detailed. Thanks for reading 🙂


“Just like honeybees collect pollen, you draw away a piece of myself each day. With your beautiful smile and warm love, I’ll be so hypnotized that I can never let go”.



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