My First Contest Online Prize ( Olay Products )

I am not really into this kind of thing because I am not that lucky when I am joining. While I was checking my Facebook one of my friend posted about answering a question about Beauty. I just tried to join the contest and I love the prize. The blogger that posted about the contest her name is Kristine Roces and she is one of the famous blogger here in the Philippines. I subscribed in her Facebook and You tube accounts. She is a fashion and beauty blogger and she has more than a 20 million views on her videos. If you want to check her blog : click here

Let’s go back to my prize. This contest was sponsored by : click and  the prize is Olay beauty kit. Well, we all know Olay is great products and it is tried and tested so I decided to be part of the contest all you have to do is to answer a question:

Q: When do you feel you are at your best beautiful self?

A: I feel beautiful when I am just the real me. Not pretending and doesn’t care what people think about me. I feel beautiful when my boyfriend said that even without make up I am beautiful inside and out. Just being true to yourself and be more positive in your life. Be inspired with people around you even they criticize you. Just smile and leave negativity. All I can say is Beauty fades but Personality lasts.

Screenshot_2015-09-23-16-47-41Screenshot_2015-09-23-16-50-27What do you think of my answer? I am proud of my answer in here. Hahaha. To my surprise I was picked as one of the winner of it. Today, I am surprise that my prize arrived. I was excited to open it.


What’s inside it?

It contains two Olay products-

  1. Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash
  2. Olay Total Effects Day Cream.


I am very excited to use this two products and I will blog more about this soon. I just want to say:

“Thank you so much for choosing me especially Kristine and BDJBOX for sending the parcel. This is my first so I feel so happy about this. I hope next time there will be more contest and I promise to join again.”

IMG_20150923_164121 img1442999513559


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