Feeling Ko ( Original Song for Aldub )

They are the phenomenal love team in the Philippines. They are very famous. I tried to make an original song for Aldub but I am still waiting for my friend because she will help me with the melody of the song. I don’t know why but I am really inspired with these two. Alden and Maine are very natural on screen. I already posted about them on my blog and I will update it every now and then.

The story of the song is about their feelings for each other and of course how they were in their street series. I am sure that in this song the guy is singing for the girl. I am sorry if some people won’t understand the lyrics because I wrote it down in Tagalog.


Dati ako’y nalulumbay

Walang direksyon aking buhay

Nang Makita ka

Biglang nagkabuhay ang mundo at nagkakulay

Isang magandang dalaga aking nakita

Ang bumihag sa akin

Nang masilayan kita

Ikaw talaga’y ibang iba dahil


Feeling ko mahal na nga kita

Feeling ko ikaw na talaga

Aldub you ikaw na nga

Maalden kita totoo na nga

Marami man ang humadlang

Ipaglalaban ko ang aking pagibig

Marami mang pagsubok

Kaya koi tong tanggapin dahil



Alam ko ito na talalga

Tamang panahon para sa isa’t isa

Nang ika’y ngumiti

Hay! Ako’y kilig na kilig dahil

I will post the whole song after we are done looking for the right melody for the song. We already have in mind but we need to arrange it and we need to talk more about it. Hope that the result will be nice and great. I just want to post the lyrics because if you have any suggestions for the melody you can suggest or if you think the lyrics need to improve more you can comment.


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