(Day 12) Love is

fat__love_is____by_maxtaro-d5vm5hbWe love eating. Food is the source of our energy.When it comes to relationship there are times that we may feel insecure about ourselves.If your partner is thin and you are fat there will be times that your partner will tell you to lose weight. That is fine because it makes you healthy and strong. I am fat and I am proud of it. There are times that I tell Nigel that I want to lose weight and he said “WHY?”. I replied so I won’t feel insecure if we are together. He suddenly said that “You don’t need to feel insecure to other people. I love you the way you are. I don’t care what is your size or how you look”. I am touched by his words. Love isn’t about sizes or looks. Love is being proud with your partner for whatever he or she may be. 


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