Make Up Inspired ( Photos )

Hey guys, I am not a MUA but I love doing make up inspiration. There will be times that I cannot do a perfect contour or blending with make up but I am still working on it. I have a friend she is a blogger and she is also a MUA. She is one of the reason I was really into make up. I love watching make up inspired videos on Youtube and my faves are :

Promise Phan


Michelle Phan

tumblr_n3q4onZLYn1qjnvclo6_r1_1280 Yf9X69E8c49b2330ad561c96cde5c6b610d870f

Both of them are really good in doing make up. They are the best. I also followed some MUA on my instagram because they are awesome. I feel envious that they are good in doing make up. I wish someday I can be better. By the way, if you want to know more about my friend this is the link : Mineeh11 you can check her make up inspired look and reviews of beauty products and many more.

These are just my make up inspired look. These photos are old because I haven’t done new ones. Hope you guys like it. You can comment below and give me more tips about doing make up.

928118_1391306704459311_546694742_n 1389506_472584859513896_1117875036_n 1389132_715028361842588_374888034_n1389037_184416931760730_1812176285_nThanks for reading. Happy Friday ❤


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