Nigel’s Playlist for Dee

f7bab6808b9e09bc4c30afa90e9cc281We are opposite attracts and we have different taste of music and genre. Honestly, Nigel doesn’t want to listen to the songs that I listen to. I let him listen to it one time and his facial expressions are like “Nahhh, not my thing.” Last week, I forced him to do a playlist for me and it really took him for a week to finish the playlist with only 10 songs in it. He likes listening to Trance to Hardcore Music. So if you are guys not familiar with those kind of music I’ll search the meaning on Wikipedia. Trance music is a genre of electronic music that developed in the 1990s in Germany. It is characterized by a tempo of between 125 to mid 140 beats per minute (BPM),[5] repeating melodic phrases. A trance refers to a state of hypnotism and heightened consciousness. Happy hardcore, also known as happy rave or happycore, is a genre of hard dance typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 160–180 BPM),[4] often coupled with solo vocals and sentimental lyrics. Its characteristically 4/4 beat “happy” sound distinguishes it from most other forms of hardcore, which tend to be “darker”. His favourite are Darren Styles and Gigi D’ Agostino. I downloaded the songs in my phone because I’ve never heard about it. I will give you my view about it after I write down in here the songs. By the way, he also likes Kpop songs even if he doesn’t understand it. He likes EXO and Block-B. He said he likes EXO because they are great dancer and their music videos are cool. He likes Block-B because Zico is a good rapper and as well as the music videos are cool, too. For Kpop songs, I guess we will be okay with it because I love listening to music. I love Bigbang, 2ne1 and now I love listening to Ikon. I love YG entertainment. Their songs are just different from others.

  1. Darren Styles – Save Me

I have been waiting all of my life
For you to come along and make everything alright
My body’s shaking right through my bones,
So take me by the hand please don’t leave me here alone.
And I wonder if you know just how I feel, I feel. Yeah And I wonder how I know if this is real, is real.

  1. Darren Styles – You and I

You and I
We can fly into the open sky
And we’ll hold on while our dreams collide
And take a moment in the open sky
We’ll take a moment in the open sky…

                                                                    3. Darren Styles – Breathe Again

You know I could breathe again
we could breathe again
you know we can make it if we hold on till the end
now I could breathe again
We could breathe again
You know we can make it if we hold on till the end

  1. Darren Styles – Now or Never

This is now or never
So take me in your arms
We’ll be forever
Don’t let us fall apart
Gotta hold it together
We can fly………….. home

  1. Darren Styles and Michael Scout – Without You

The days they merge into one
The clock it ticks like a drum
My heart it just can’t go on
Without you
I’m feeling so incomplete
I think this world’s got me beat
How do I carry on?
Without you

  1. Darren Styles and Michael Scout – Forever

You’ll be shining here

You’ll be shining here forever


Like the stars we shine together

Lightning up the midnight sky

I know we’ll be shining here forever

  1. Flip and Fill – True Love Never Dies

I want to tell the world about it
Tell them all the truth
Get up on the rooftop
And shout it

Our love will last forever
True love
True love never dies
We’ll always be together
True love

  1. Darren Styles, DJ Hixxy ft. Lou Lou – Happiness

Everything will be perfect
Tonight and forever
The light shine off, the light shine on
Making our faces many colors
Everyone is moving
Like waves make an ocean on and on
Everybody’s singing, yes
This is happiness happening

  1. Gigi D’ Agostino – You Spin Around

Yeah I, I got to know your name
Well and I, could trace your private number baby
All I know is that to me

You look like you’re lots of fun
Open up your lovin’ arms
I want some, here I came

  1. Block B – Her ( English Translation )

I used to be emotionless like a rock
But now I’m a fool once again
When I snapped out of it, I realized I was in front of you
Oh could you be my we love

You’re so pretty, if someone comes up to you
And starts talking to you, just smile, don’t give him your number
Wipe your drool first and go away, stop your talk
Her uh her uh baby I’m all yours

These are the songs that he chose for me. I love the lyrics of the song and I guess it’s like love songs too but the beat of the songs are just different. I love all of it and I do listen to it if I miss him. I am into the song lyrics but for Nigel he is more into the melody of the songs. I know that we have are opposite but I am happy that even the songs that chose for me are great and full of love. All I want to say is Thank you, hubby. I love the songs and the lyrics of it.
Inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Ten Songs

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