My Monthly Goals for October


New month, new goals but I am happy that some goals that I posted the last time is progressing and getting better. Just like the last month I have long term goals so it’s a little bit long to get the results. Here are my monthly goals this month :

  • I already have someone to do a collaboration I am done with writing mine and I am waiting for her to finish so we can post our collaborations here. We promise to do it this month. I am now participating in challenges in the community.
  • Be more creative in posting and sharing stories to our people in our network. Do my Love is task on my blog. It’s about love and relationship. I wanted my blog site to be more fun and interesting and I am happy that someone is helping me. You know who you are. Thank you fo editing my blog site.
  • I’m still in for my housing loan and at the month of November they will give us the application. Well, requirements are too long to finish and I am still working on it. The last house tripping was cancelled so I am still waiting for another schedule.
  • Saving money is never been easy. So, now I am trying to save up more. I guess I won’t go out for a little while and shopping stuffs that are not important is a NO-NO.
  • Focus more with my Long Term goals because it’s very important for my future. It will be okay if I will do it step by step and not to worry and be more positive about it.
  • Send Nigel some care packages. Need to earn first then. Look for important things that I will send to him. Check the cost of sending packages in UK from the Philippines.

I am happy that some of my goal last month is a check. I can do this ❤ Thanks for reading.


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