(Day 25) Love is…

love-is-20090404cplis-a-largeWe are in long distance relationship so we stay up all night talking on Skype. For our first months together usually I saw him sleeping because he doesn’t to end the call on Skype but now it’s different he usually sees me sleeping. If you see your partner sleeping next to you it’s a wonderful feeling. You feel inspired and happy all day. For now, I can see him sleeping through Skype but soon I’ll see him sleeping and waking up beside him.


6 thoughts on “(Day 25) Love is…

  1. My husband is from UK too, and the time difference between my country and his country are 6 hours, so basically when he has to sleep I normally watch him sleep, and when I have to sleep he has to wake up so he sees me a little bit before he leaves for work, but after 4 years we have adjusted very well and we have got use to it 🙂 But waking up beside the person you love is the best feeling in the world :3

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