Officially Missing You

I am listening to Tamia’s song ” Officially Missing You. I just feel emotional today. It’s funny that I am always thinking about Nigel and just missing him badly. There are times that when I see him I want to hug and kiss him but we are far from each other. I know that he will be here in the Philippines next year but it’s annoying that I have to wait for 11 months more to be with him. We still have a lot of Skype dates together. I know that there are times that I am over reacting in missing him. I know that I have to patient because in time we will see and meet each other. I can’t stop myself from thinking about him. I love Nigel much and I am very happy that he is my boyfriend. He makes me happy and inspired. There are times that I want to punch or bite him because he is not listening to me because he is focusing in playing a game but still when he looks at me I feel like I am melting and when he smiles I feel giddy. I know I am deeply in love with this guy. I know my limitations,too. I just can’t get enough of him.This Saturday, he promise to check my blog and I write something for him:


Why do I always miss you? Why can’t I get mad at you? Why are you so handsome? Why are you so cute especially when you smile? You know how much I love you and I know how much you love me. I am very happy to be part of you and your crazy girlfriend. You are not a perfect boyfriend but you are for me. You are my everything and I am super excited for everything in 2016. Time flies and next month is the 9th month. Can’t wait for our anniversary. Wishing that we will have stronger relationship and will last for a long, long, long time ( it’s like FOREVER). I hope that you won’t get tired of me and in our relationship. We will just stay in love and enjoy our love for each other. You take care always and be careful in whatever you do. I wish I am there with you to give you a nice massage because I know you are always busy at work. Remember that I am always be here for you and I Love You so much.

Wifey ♥



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