My Secret Potion

These days I like listening to Little Mix song “Black Magic “. The song is catchy and fun. I look for the Music Video and I love the magical thing in there. I look for the song lyrics and it’s great. I already know what the song really means. Do you believe in black magic? Magic spells that you can use to make someone fall for you? If you search in Google you can using Black Magic there will be sites that you can visit and you can use some magic spells.

Gayuma (love potion) a magical potion believed to arouse love or sexual passion toward a specified person, especially the person offering it. Here in the Philippines there is a place where you can buy love potions or you can visit authentic “manggagayuma” (one who does love spell rituals) or “taga-ganap “(could also be considered sorcerers) who will make a love potion for you. Some people who tried it said that it worked but it doesn’t last forever. They said it can last for a week or 2 weeks. The recipes of making it you can find it online.

I visited a site about Black Magic Spells and it was written that we misunderstood what it really means. The owner of that site is a black magic witch. I know that they do really exist and they are not that bad. It’s just maybe they are powerful especially when they cast spells. When I was young I was into spells and witches I love the movies “The Craft “ and “ Hocus Pocus” and the American TV show “ Charmed” and “Sabrina the teenage witch”. It’s amazing how they cast spell to other people and how they manage their powers and spells. Almost everyone agrees that Black magic is bad.

I have a high school friend that she was desperately wanted her ex-boyfriend back. She told me that she asked help to an old lady about love potion. Well, I thought she was just joking but in the end she really wanted to do it and serious about it. I tried to talk to her. I told her that his ex is not the last guy in the world and there will be a better guy for her and she is young to be desperate about a guy. It’s not the end of the world. The guy is not serious with her. He is a playboy and super cheeky so I don’t like him. I am happy that she didn’t do it.

For me, we don’t need love spells or love potion to make someone fall or love us. To be honest, I experienced to be very desperate about love. My love life was not good and there are times that are terrible. I tried to go to the church and pray for it and have signs to make it come true. I am just human I want someone to be with me and feel envious if you can see other people happy with their love life. I didn’t give up easily and I think my signs came true and I found a guy that is real and true. There are times that I am telling Nigel that he is blind to love me and when he reply why I always answer him that he is handsome and he loves an ugly and fat woman (sorry, insecurities).

He tells me not to say that because he is not into physical aspect of a woman. He loves me because I am real and true to him. He doesn’t care what I look like. He said I don’t have to be insecure with sexy and beautiful women because beauty fades. I blog about that if you guys want you I’ll put the link here : . My secret potion for having him was being me. Just me. I don’t need to pretend. No make-up or with make-up he loves me. Don’t need black magic to help me with Nigel. He belongs to me for Sure.

How about you guys, do you believe in magic spells? How about love potions? Have you tried to do it? Why? Thanks for reading.



“Love is accepting people for who they are, no matter what. “



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