What’s Wrong With You?


Last night, my co-worker’s student was rude and disrespectful to her. While listening to the story the student was getting on my nerves. I don’t have patience with people that are rude and racist. Being tired is not an excuse to be mean to others. Those are alibis of stupid people. I am sorry for the inappropriate words that I will use on this post. I will share the whole story. It’s like my co-worker is nice to him but he is not and I don’t care if they think they are paying us high the point is you should be respectful.

My co-worker when it comes to her class is very energetic and has a patience with students. This student was transferred to her and the student is always absent in her class but he is present he is rude and not listening in the class. Last night was the worst because he said ” You’re ugly, You can teacher because you’re a Filipino.” He added, “Shut up!” ” Get out!”. And he mumbled Korean foul words.

Let me get this straight. He generalized us Filipino. What’s wrong in being Filipino? I am proud to be one and I am not ashamed to be a Filipino. That Korean student discriminated us and that is not good. He is already 20 years old so he knows what he is saying. I just don’t understand why some people discriminates other people. I mean we are the same, we are Asians. There should be a reason why he said those rude words. My heart was crushed when I heard those expressions from a student and he said it his teacher.

For me, if I am not in the mood and if I don’t want to study it’s better not to attend the class. Do not attend the class if you will be rude to the teacher. Being a teacher is not choosing nationalities. All teachers should be respected because they are teaching us and even the students are not nice to them they are still there. Before you say something you need to think a million times because sorry cannot heal the words that you’ve already said. It will leave a mark.

I’ve been an English Teacher (either video or man-to-man) for a very long time and I’ve experience a lot from them. I have Korean friends and they are nice and friendly. I am not perfect and I will admit that there are times that I discriminate others but I’ve never say it I just hide what I am feeling or wants to say. I just feel bad and sad. I do wish that the parents know what their child is doing. They should teach them about “Good Manners”. For children, teachers are your second mother and father and you should respect them.


” The respect you show to others (or lack there of)  is an immediate reflection on your self respect.”


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With You?

  1. Wow that is totally out of order!! Discrimination should not exist period! I really do wonder what goes on in some peoples minds at times. It frustrates me. Glad there are sensible people like yourself about! Theres hope still xxx

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