Fight for your Love

How do we fight if your love is not meant to be? How will you accept that everybody around you are not happy if you are together? There are some people or you’re parents who aren’t happy with the person you love. The tendency is they will let you be apart. Why are they so mean? Why do they have to do that? Why can’t they let you be happy and choose the person that you love?

I know some people experience that and maybe there are reasons why they let you be apart. Mostly nonsense reasons but they need to let you know. They need to talk to you and be honest about it. Try to ask them questions and be open to them what you truly feel. Some people are just jealous of happy an almost perfect relationship. That’s why they are trying to stop this kind of feeling.

As for me, I know that my love for him is real and I will fight for it. I am not the kind of person who gave up and walks away easily. I will stay with him and with our differences we can both learn and teach each other. I will fight my love for Nigel and I don’t care if other people will try to break us. I will do everything to prove to them that we are perfect for each other.

Good thing, my mom and his parents are okay with us. There are no negative things comments on both sides. They haven’t met yet but I hope this September they can say hi and hello to each other. Always remember that fighting for someone has risks. If you are really sure that the risk is worth go ahead and fight for him or her. Prove to them that no one can let you guys be apart. Let them know that your feelings are true and stay together for a lifetime. They are wrong and you guys are for each other. Do not listen to the negative things around you. Trust your partner and with every decision you’re making you need to talk about it.


“If you love her. If you want her to stay. Fight for her.”
Janet Gurtler The Truth About Us

“ I’d fight for you no matter how hard the battle is”.



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