My Monthly Goals for November


It’s November, new goals but I am happy that some goals that I posted the last time is progressing but there are some that I cannot do the same time. I am trying to do it one at a time and slowly. I have long term goals so it will take time to finish it. Here are my monthly goals this month:

  • My housing loan is still on and they change the schedule to give the requirements on December so I need to be patient with it and fix some important requirements that is needed so it will be organize once I pass it. I need to talk to the person that is in charge for housing loan to help us to have the house faster.
  • Honestly, I have skin asthma on my face there are some white spots and some doctors said that it is vitiligo. Well, it is a skin disease and they said that there’s no cure for it. I know that it is not vitiligo because the spots are fading so my Uncle said that it is skin asthma. I started using a rejuvenating cream last October and I am happy with the progress and my goal is to erase the white spots that I have on my face and I promise to post a photo with bare face.
  • I am making my blog better now even I don’t post more in the community but I am focusing to be a good writer and share my blogs to others. Now, I am writing poems again. I want to write more and inspire more people. Right now, I want to explore other themes for my blog not only Long Distance Relationship. (NOTE: Guys, I promise to write post for the community I already have in my mind soon I will post. Love you all <3)
  • Money matters. I am still on it and looking forward to earn enough for next year. Christmas season is coming as well as my birthday so I need to budget my money. Saving money takes a lot time. I know I can do it. Be positive about it.
  • Nigel and I are getting stronger and I am happy about it. Our goal is to have more time with each other. His goals for now are to get a ticket for his visit here and he needs to earn money for his requirements before his visit here in the Philippines and he needs to buy a new luggage. Mine is to look for places where we can travel and we can spend time together.

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